Friday, November 18, 2016

Three Men (at the Pro-Immigrant Rally)

This large oil painting is based on a photo I took in NYC in 2006 at a pro-immigrant rally. The young men had the flags of their native countries wrapped around them.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

At the Corner

At the Corner is the view I used to have out the window of my studio at the corner of Columbia Pike and S. Walter Reed Drive in Arlington, Va. I'm in another studio now so my view has changed.

At the Clarendon Cup

The Clarendon Cup was a bike race, which I THINK (not positive) is now the Air Force Classic. It used to be held in the Clarendon neighborhood of Arlington and the people in this oil painting were waiting for the racers to come by. It's, like all my work, based on a photo I took at the event. The building behind the folks has been replaced with something taller and British Food and Goodies has relocated down the street.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Looking at Art

I love taking photos in museums and occasionally they lead to paintings. This painting is of my best friend, Joelle Fishkin, looking at a sculpture in the Rodin Museum in Paris on a trip we took many years ago. Oil.

This one is based on a visit to Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Oil, 2x26.

Before the Fall

I call this painting Before the Fall because it's about the innocence of young children. They are playing happily on the floor, the little boy's stomach is exposed (beneath his superman shirt), and around them are scattered newspapers, representing to some degree the world they have no knowledge of as yet. The New Yorker on the table has an Art Spiegelman cover showing children toting guns to school--a comment on school shootings. The painting is based on a vacation photo of my son and my best friend's daughter when they were young. Oil, 36x30.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Highland County Barn

These two paintings depict the same barn, which is on my friend Harriet's property in Highland County, Va. (I've actually painted it a third time from another view, but I'm not satisfied with that painting, unfortunately, so I won't show it.) I worked from photos that I took. It was early December in both instances, and in the second painting, a light snow had fallen. Both are oil paintings, although for the first one, I worked my first layer in acrylic. Both paintings were purchased by good friends.